BAYarts will host its 2020 Juried Exhibition from March 13 through April 3, showing a range of amateur and professional artwork at the Bay Village arts and cultural community center.

The exhibit will open with a reception from 7 to 9 p.m. March 13.

BAYarts’ 2020 Juried Exhibition judges John W. Carlson and Shari Wilkins. | Photo courtesy of BAYarts

BAYarts Artistic Director Karen Petkovic told Canvas about the opening, judges for the exhibit and BAYarts more generally.

Tell me a little about what viewers will see at BAYarts’ 2020 Juried Exhibition opening, in terms of mediums and range of artists featured?

All mediums and both amateur and professional artists are represented in the show – we have fiber work, sculpture, photography, all painting mediums, printmaking, ceramics, really everything across the board. As a community art center, we like to see a range of artists represented. This year we have many new artists we have never shown before, and I like to see that.

How were the judges selected for the show and why did you choose the two you did?

We choose our judges carefully. We like to have judges who are involved with teaching artists, and judges who have a presence in the artistic community of Cleveland. This year our judges have close ties to BAYarts and they understand our mission. John W. Carlson teaches drawing at BAYarts and is a painter as well, represented by HEDGE Gallery. Shari Wilkins is the executive director of the Cleveland Print Room and is also a photographer. These judges are skilled observers and they have a real understanding of our goal of having a very inclusive show.

What’s most interesting about the show to you?

The  most interesting thing about the show for me is how every year, I am surprised by how cohesive it ends up. When the work comes in, I wonder how it will ever fit together in the gallery to look like a real show. And every year, it comes together in a very harmonious way. This is the product of the judging – they are, in essence, curating the show for us.

How long is the work on view?

The work is on view through April 3. We invite everyone to come see it between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

“Blossom” by Derek Brennan. Encaustic on panel. | Photo courtesy of BAYarts

For those who aren’t as familiar with BAYarts, can you describe the organization’s role in the creative scene and in providing a community for Northeast Ohio artists?

The mission of BAYarts is to provide a welcoming lakeside environment to stimulate, encourage and support professional and aspiring artists of all ages through collaboration, education and exhibition. Our education and gallery events are broad in their reach – we are committed to bringing thoughtful shows and learning opportunities to our community and are always striving to find the best Northeast Ohio has to offer. The best part of my job is being able to find new artists for the gallery – I feel the Cleveland art scene is one of the best in the country!