Developing landscape In full view Testimony’s ambitious sister Scene stealers Coloring the world

Developing landscape

Photography comes into focus this fall as examples of many genres and techniques appear in 18 exhibitions in 13 venues for the inaugural Cleveland Photo Fest.

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In full view

The Artists Archives of the Western Reserve’s ‘seenUNseen’ will showcase local and nationally known artists of color

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Testimony’s ambitious sister

Documentary dramas staged across Cleveland’s theater scene tackle topics of historic significance

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Scene stealers

When we reflect back on a live theater production we’ve seen, it is often a specific moment that we recall – an instant when a playwright’s idea, a director’s vision, an actor’s performance or a designer’s creativity surpasses an audience’s expectations. And then something special happens.

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Coloring the world

Lauren Mckenzie Noel sparks dialogue through her art

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