The St. Clair Superior neighborhood mural by Dayz Whun. Photos courtesy of LAND studio / Bob Perkoski

By Lydia Kacala


At the corner of St. Clair Avenue and Addison Road in the St. Clair Superior neighborhood of Cleveland, drivers and pedestrians alike can now find a mural showcasing different birds, including a cardinal and blue jay, sitting on branches and contrasting with various colorful shades in the background.

Created in November 2023, the mural was painted by local artist Dayz Whun. It was curated and managed by Joe Lanzilotta, director of design and strategy at LAND studio, which manages public art installations throughout the city.


Whun’s mural is one of several to be added to the St. Clair Superior area, according to LAND studio’s website, adding a level of “vibrancy” to the neighborhood, Lanzilotta tells Canvas in this interview.

CANVAS: What was the process for getting this mural placed?

LANZILOTTA: Public art processes typically start with community engagement. In order to understand the interests of the community, we work with the community development corporation, which in this neighborhood is St. Clair Superior Development Corporation. After understanding the themes and ideas of the neighborhood, we engage an artist we feel can meet the design guidelines. 

In this case, the artist, Dayz Whun, is from the neighborhood, so he had ideas that he wanted to portray through his art. In his concept, he wanted to highlight the neighborhood’s relationship to nature, the lake and bird migration. After the development of his sketch-level concept, we present to the property owner, local design review and city planning for approvals. Once we have the official sign-offs, we can begin the work to prep the wall, which can include removing debris from the site, scraping and priming the wall. 

Whun is a skilled painter, so his process is quick, using a spray can to apply his designs. What appears to be magic to us is just another day as a professional artist to Whun.

Why does this mural fit into the neighborhood?

LANZILOTTA: Whun’s mural adds a great level of vibrancy to the streetscape. The vastness of St. Clair Avenue can make it feel fast and intimidating, so adding public art to the landscape allows for a break in the visual busyness. Thematically, the portraits of the birds grounds us to the surrounding nature that is abundant around the neighborhood. With Gordon Park, Lake Erie, the (Cleveland Lakefront) Nature Preserve and the (Cleveland) Cultural Gardens all bordering the neighborhood, St. Clair Superior is the perfect place for birding, to observe migration patterns, or to enjoy the sounds of the lake and the wildlife it sustains. Whun’s mural is a reminder to slow down and enjoy the natural world, even in the city.

What makes this piece noteworthy?

LANZILOTTA: Whun is a master of his craft. To have a public artwork created with his level of professionalism and skill is special. His color palette and line work add a vibrancy that is hard to find in the built environment. He’s taken a building that was previously an eyesore and turned it into a work of art. 

The St. Clair Superior neighborhood mural by Dayz Whun. Photos courtesy of LAND studio / Bob Perkoski

What else should we know about the mural?

LANZILOTTA: This piece is one of many being planned for the St. Clair Superior neighborhood. LAND studio, in partnership with St. Clair Superior Development Corporation, and with support from the (Jack, Joseph and Morton) Mandel Foundation, councilman (Anthony) Hairston, councilwoman (Stephanie) Howse-Jones, and the many community members and stakeholders, hope to bring a series of artworks to a culturally vibrant and geographically significant neighborhood.  


St. Clair Superior Mural

Artist: Dayz Whun. Year: 2023. Find it: The intersection of St. Clair Avenue and Addison Road (6510 St. Clair Ave.).

Details: Spray paint on brick wall.