The image from the first As Seen In Northeast Ohio was “Flying Tiger,” painted by Michela Picchi, located at 1430 W. 28th St. in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood, which houses the restaurant Amba (at W. 28th Street and Detroit Avenue). Photo / Amanda Koehn

Canvas’ e-newsletter has a new interactive feature called As Seen In Northeast Ohio. In each biweekly e-newsletter, Canvas will include a photo of street art seen somewhere around Northeast Ohio. Readers are invited to guess the artwork’s location, title or creator(s) to be entered into a raffle for Canvas prizes!

Here’s how to take part in the contest:

1. You may identify the artwork (shown near the end of the newsletter, under the heading As Seen in Northeast Ohio) by its location – either the street intersection, address or the building on which it is located – or by naming the artist(s) who created it, or the work’s title. Identification by location must be more specific than the city or neighborhood. As for naming it by artist(s), both their first and last name should be included. The title must include the full title.

2. If you think you know where this artwork is located, what it is named or who made it, reply to the newsletter or send an email to, including the identifying information for the street art and your name. Answers can be sent anytime within two weeks of when the newsletter is sent. The correct answers will be included in the next newsletter (sent at noon every other week).

3. All correct answers submitted on time will be entered into a separate raffle for each biweekly newsletter. 

4. If you win, we will email you to request your address to mail you a Canvas prize pack.

For any questions, please email us at And, if you’d like to submit images of street art for other readers to guess, you may also email them to us (including identifying information: the title of the work, artist(s) and where it is located). We will give you a shoutout and send you a Canvas prize pack if we use the photo.

You can sign up for the Canvas e-newsletter, which contains biweekly updates about upcoming openings, performances, festivals and other events throughout Northeast Ohio and periodic updates about new print issues of Canvas, here.

We hope this feature also encourages you to get out and appreciate the wealth of fantastic street art we have locally. Good luck!