Northeast Ohio’s art scene is vibrant and diverse. It’s also constantly growing, a dynamic fueled in part by the region’s art schools and area galleries that showcase and support up-and-coming artists’ work.

Canvas believes it’s important to champion emerging talent, too, which is why we’re proud to present “Who’s Next,” a section that aims to celebrate and call more attention to artists early in their career.

Katie Butler

Step into Katie Butler’s Akron studio and you hear NPR playing, see a palette covered with paints and feel drawn into the large still life paintings on the walls that hint at something more dangerous. The artwork, mostly of fish gutted and partially eaten on dinner tables, are part of a series addressing current sociopolitical issues. Read more.

Orlando Caraballo

For Orlando Caraballo, it all begins with gathering. Gathering snippets of drawings, poems, thoughts and themes that eventually, in no rushed manner, become vivid, emotionally-driven artwork. Caraballo’s art, most recently focused in digital prints, offers both a window into his familial, religious, grieving and emotional experiences, and an entry for viewers to connect their own experiences and self. Read more.

Alexandria Couch

At 23, Alexandria Couch already has a relatively prolific career – including painting a mural in Public Square downtown and beginning a Master of Fine Arts program at Yale University. But for Couch, connecting herself and her work to her community and other artists in it is one of the best parts. Read more.

Ariella Har-Even

In Ariella Har-Even’s world, jewelry is an interactive bridge connecting one’s body and spirit to the physical world. As wearable art, it can connect historical beautification and modern life, showing patterns that both reflect on and add to one’s human experience, emotions and thoughts, she explains. Read more.

Maxmillian Peralta

Take the style of an idealistic, posed portrait – similar to the 17th century court paintings of Diego Velázquez – and infuse it with subculture references and details, and you might be experiencing the work of Maxmillian Peralta. Read more.

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